Operation and Care Manual

Thanks to the CJ-2A page for transcribing the manual to the web!


Note:  Since the CJ-2A is essentially the same vehicle as the 3A, pretty much everything in this manual is the same.

The information linked on this page was transcribed from an original 1946 Operation and Care Manual.  Every effort has been made to insure its accuracy; however the author of this page assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions, or any damages arising from the use of this transcribed Manual.   In order to make it readable on the Internet, the format has been changed.  For example, illustrations occasionally do not appear on the same page in the book as they do here.  The author of this page hopes that the format of this "reprint" is acceptable to the reader.  Owners of Willys-Overland Universal Jeeps,  model CJ2A, and those with an historical interest in same, may freely download and/or print the Operation and Care Manual for their own, personal, non-commercial use.  Copies of these pages may not be sold or otherwise used for commercial purposes.  2001 The CJ2A Page.