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Normal Topic battery charger (Read 162 times)
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battery charger
07/16/19 at 19:15:27
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so with recently draining my battery trying to get it going i looked into a 6v car battery charger and so i bought 1 from harbor freight and it charged great at 4amps except that it took forever on my battery im not sure of the capacity of our battery's but mine is a super fleet with 640 cca but my charger aside i would like something that chargers faster but i dont know all that capacity amp talk lol any recommendations

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Re: battery charger
Reply #1 - 07/16/19 at 21:23:55
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Your battery sounds typical.

It takes a while for a charger to safely charge a battery.  Mine sat for a few months and my Battery Tender charger took overnight and then some.  I just looked and noticed a couple of 6V models on their website.

Some batteries can handle fast charging but they wear out faster.  A slow charge is the healthy way to go.

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