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Normal Topic fuel tank float thingy (Read 170 times)
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fuel tank float thingy
07/14/19 at 22:24:01
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is this still good or does /should it be replaced when i had power hooked up the gauge worked but also sprung to full and back down to 1/4 so im not sure if its good or not

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Re: fuel tank float thingy
Reply #1 - 07/15/19 at 09:46:46
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Hard to say from that angle but my float (sending unit) has stops that limit the arm swing.

There are multiple posts (Search function-top right) on sending unit operation covering ground/compatibility, etc.  Yours looks similar to one posted here:

Since your gauge responds to arm movement, we can probably rule out a grounding problem.  The jump makes me think the sliding contact may be hopping off the wire wraps or a break in those wire wraps causing a break in continuity.

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Re: fuel tank float thingy
Reply #2 - 07/19/19 at 15:04:40
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I recently removed mine and it looks similar to yours. I am not sure if it works or not but figured I would just buy a new one so that I know it works. They are under $30 for a new one. Of course that is just my $0.02 and I know all too well that $20 here and there adds you could always try it and see how it does and if it doesn't work replace it. Luckily that is an easy part to get to  Smiley
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