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Rus Curtis
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Re: CJ-3B 57348 69050
Reply #15 - 07/15/19 at 09:50:31
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fingers crossed!

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Zach S
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Re: CJ-3B 57348 69050
Reply #16 - 07/26/19 at 10:19:48
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Hey folks! It's been a big week at the shop, I haven't accomplished as much as I'd hoped, but I'm making progress on the new-to-me engine.

Last Saturday morning I got it out of the truck, onto the engine stand and started taking it apart.

After pulling the head off of it, I was greeted with that. I guess the engine is stuck for a reason. Apart from the cylinder with water in it, the block looks great. The crank looked way better than the crank on the other engine and all of the accessories were in good shape. The pistons are also standard size, so now the plan right now is just to swap all of the internals from the broken block to the new one and go for it.

So, after a few beers and discussing ways we can go about dealign with that one bad cylinder, we decided to keep the tradition of farmer fixes going and just hone out the cylinder and see how much oil it burns. We only have about 2 more months of good weather before it gets cold and I'd like to drive this thing at least once this year.

This weekend's plans include pulling the old engine, taking that apart and swapping a bunch of parts around.
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