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Wheelin at Bridgeport OHV
09/26/18 at 14:20:34
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Hey, I just wanted to share a video of a recentish trip I took with the Willys. I have had several shakedown runs and I figured it was time to see what I could do with it. It was incredibly muddy (like wheelin in play-doh) and for the first time I wished I had a bit more power going up muddy hills. Starting to get bad ideas of an engine swap.

Has anyone here swapped in a 2.3l ford engine or 4.3l chevy engine?

Here's a link to my video.

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Re: Wheelin at Bridgeport OHV
Reply #1 - 10/14/18 at 19:27:18
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Shane,  To answer your question yes I have installed a Pinto engine in my '52 M-38.  I know there are others.  Novak supplied most of the parts for my conversion.  My Jeep came to me with out an engine.  After I started with the Pinto I found a Chevy 4 cyl. and three original Willys engines.  Novak is easy to work with and knowledgeable.

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