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Glad to be here
08/28/18 at 11:07:26
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Hi all, new to the Willys/Jeeping world, got hit with the bug about a year ago when my dad offered me one of his two Willys CJs. I took the one that was most complete and that was running when he stored it (25 years ago). I've been watching lots of resto/repair/trail videos. Just started to work on it after having it for about six months. It's been upgraded to 11" brakes and 31" mud/snow tires. From the body damage it has, I think it's been rock crawling, and I wouldn't be surprised if it has a locker or two, although it seems to be mostly original. First owned by Los Angeles County Poor Farm as a farm vehicle. S/N 15976. Repairs are going slowly as I have a slim budget. Should be ready for first start in another two months.

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Re: Glad to be here
Reply #1 - 08/28/18 at 11:24:24
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Welcome to the 3a...have fun with your new Willys!


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