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Normal Topic OMIX and Crown parts question. (Read 1100 times)
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OMIX and Crown parts question.
03/17/18 at 13:38:12
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I know they are after market parts. Is one company better than the other?  Any other after market sources that are better?  Thanks , Mike.
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Re: OMIX and Crown parts question.
Reply #1 - 03/17/18 at 14:04:34
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Omix does make a lot of stuff for the flat fenders, which I think is a really good thing if for no other reason than to keep the prices in check from other companies.  I have had decent luck with their products, but some others have not.  I recently bought a new steering wheel and my choices were the Crown or the Omix.  I did some research and deduced that the Crown was the nicer wheel than the Omix, and it is a very nice wheel.  Apparently the Omix wheel didn't have the quality of the Crown. 

I will say that Omix has a 5 year warranty and I have had no issues at all with their honoring warranty claims and making getting the replacement part very painless.  Some companies say they have a warranty but when the time comes, they are nothing but a pita to work with. 

For a lot of the drive train and engine parts, Napa has a lot of the stuff you will need.  I also check out Rockauto for a lot of what I need and they are an Omix and Crown dealer as well.  You just need to search different places sometimes.


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