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Normal Topic 6 volt LED lights (Read 958 times)
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6 volt LED lights
03/02/18 at 12:44:53
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So my tail lights stopped working a while ago and fixing them turned into replacing the all the wiring in the CJ3a  Grin Grin

The old wires were almost all corroded wel into the insulation, ground was weak and at other locations they were almost gone entirely, touching them and the insulation crumbled.  Grin Grin

While working on replacing all the wiring i also started thinking about what i could do about getting a bit more visibility at night, 6 volt is just bad to be honoust in modern day traffick. So after some research i ended up looking at 6 volt LED's for mopeds and motorcycles. After some more research i found a supllier that also had LED's H4 bulbs, combined turn and stoplight LED's and after gathering some more information i decided to switch all lights to LED's. It was well worth the effort not in the least because it turned out it was all (99%) plug and play. Only thing i needed was 2 new H4 headlights to replace the sealed beam units and decide where to drill 6 small holes to mount the cooling blocks that are needed for the H4 LED bulbs.

Some of the old junk

Turn signal (top) and brake/drivelight

here is where i mounted the cooling blocks needed for the H4 LED headlights, they come with plug and play connectors to accepts the standard 3 pin headlight connectors.

H4 Norton motorcycle 7 inch headlightglass Smiley

They really are very nice and bright, still need to adjust them properly but well worth the investment. High and low beam

Nice and white Smiley

and while waiting for parts i refurbished the steeringwheel by wrapping it with paracord

For anyone interested in converting (in Dutch):

BAY15D > Brake and Drive lights : BAY15D.18.21/5.OO.41
BA9S > Parking lights front : BA9S.05.WW.00
BA15S (Amber) > Turn signals : BA15S.18.21.OA.41
Turn Signal relais 6 volt negative : RELAIS.04.00.03
H4 headbulbs set : H4.100.set.GW.03[\img]
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Re: 6 volt LED lights
Reply #1 - 03/02/18 at 18:43:42
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Nice upgrades, DJ.  Very nice work!


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Re: 6 volt LED lights
Reply #2 - 03/02/18 at 20:18:05
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Never seen steering wheel wrap like looks fantastic.
Very nice wiring job too!

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Re: 6 volt LED lights
Reply #3 - 02/17/19 at 10:40:48
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Hi, I am really thinking of doing a conversion like this for my CJ3A. Overall how much work was it? My wiring is in ok shape so i would only be upgrading the lights (i think) not a whole wiring harness. but that might be a possible option as well.

was their any special problems you ran into?

thanks for any info
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