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Re: Aluminum head
Reply #15 - 05/27/18 at 02:01:27
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Well I finally got the Weber tuned I think. I started out trying to use the feel method and that didnít work out that well so I bought an AEM wideband O2 sensor and then I could see what was really going on. I was having a lot of trouble with a hesitation off idle without having to rich of a main jet and ended up changing the F50 emulsion tube to an F6 and that cured it, I want to try an F3 because my gauge still goes a little lean right off idle sometimes but they arenít available right now.

My original jetting on the primary started out at:
50 idle jet
155 main
160 air correction
F50 emulsion
Iím currently running:
47 idle jet
160 main jet
200 air jet
F6 emulsion
The secondary is:
50 idle jet
165 main
195 air jet
F50 emulsion

When I started out the gauge always read rich (10s and 12s) and I was getting 13.5 mpg, my last tank I got 17.5 mpg and I might get a little more because I went up a size on the air jet close to the end of the last tank of fuel. The air jet actually seems to make quite a difference on mileage. Now the Jeep idles at 12.5-12.7AFR, and when Iím cruising down the freeway it says 14-15 depending on load, unless Iím come to a hill or anything that requires more throttle then it goes back to 12.5.

Iíve driven the Jeep about 1000 miles since I had the valve problem and now the only trouble I have is it trying to get a little warm on the freeway when it gets close to 80 degrees, so I have a new 4 core radiator on its way.

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Re: Aluminum head
Reply #16 - 05/28/18 at 16:32:14
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I would get a bit hot in the warm temps too.  Not terrible but approx.  110 degrees plus the ambient temp.  So if it was 90 degrees out, I might hit 200 on a slight up slope.  Hotter than I would like when I know there are guys that never get above 180.  Anyway, tried different things - thermostat, water wetter, pump is good, radiator is good.  We still have hot weather to come, but I think I have solved the issue by putting a different fan blade on.  I had a worn out flexi-fan, and put on a new Derale Flex fan and I am running cooler.  Haven't tried the OE fan, but I think I'm where I need to be now.


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Re: Aluminum head
Reply #17 - 05/28/18 at 22:21:55
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The more compression you make, the more heat you make. Try some water wetter. It's a coolant. I ran it in a High performance 300 six cylinder I used to race. It lowered the temperature 25 degrees.
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