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Normal Topic Welcome Back, Jeepers from the 3A pages past!! (Read 674 times)
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Welcome Back, Jeepers from the 3A pages past!!
12/10/12 at 20:40:27
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Hey guys, thanks to Pascal and his hard work getting the serial list updated we have brought a few old members back into the fold.. If you are one of these members and you'd like to rewrite an introduction thread feel free....most of us probably have been here for less time than you, just we were here for the big switch. We are a member owned board now, that is why you see a bunch of guys who have "sponsor member" next to their names...Dave Eilers of eWillys fame aka Lost Biscuit, is our web master/guru, I am F Bill from the 2A pages and elsewhere and I am volunteer head of whatever,my credit card paid the bills with the donated funds,  and Pascal, Quebec Jeep has been handling the SN list update with his HTML code writing expertise.

Anyhow, we are GLAD TO HAVE Y'ALL BACK WITH US! Smiley Jump right in!

Owner of the world famous?? Pintojeep 3A and one yet to be named stock project 3A.
Based in central TX and upstate NY.
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