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Sticky Topic Names - how they're displayed (Read 215 times)
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Names - how they're displayed
08/24/12 at 14:12:21
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So I'm still learning the quirks of this YaBB software.

There are two possible Names for any user's account.
1) your username - this is the name you Registered when you joined the forum - it cannot be changed
2) your Displayed Name - this is a Required field in your Profile, so you have to put something there.
Whatever you put there is what will be displayed at the head of your Profile and on each post you generate.

So you can have all your posts show a name that is NOT your actual username.
I have no guesses as to why the software works this way but there it is.

This screen snap shows where you enter that Displayed Name.
In my Profile, I kept my Displayed name the same as my username. Less confusing for me.  Grin

Just thought you'd all like to know.  Smiley
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